Working Away

The other day I was typing away, lost in this amazing world where I decide what happens – although to be fair, some characters refuse to do what I tell them to do – when I noticed I had just written my 110 000 word on the mark. At this point I know I have to start writing the ending, but every time I try to take it in that direction something happens to move the story forward and I just sit there thinking, “Oh well, maybe tomorrow.”

If that wasn’t bad enough I have started writing two additional books, not in the same series, but the beginning of a paranormal series and a standalone sci fi romance. I am trying to put them aside until I finally finish my first novel, but it is hard. I have been writing my whole life, but it wasn’t until recently that I decided to actually sit down a write a book, instead of essays, short-stories and work related articles. I’ve had these ideas spinning around in my head for years, and when I finally put them down to paper I’m finding it increasingly hard to stop, which of course I have to as I also have a full time job that takes up more time than I would like.

Anyways, hoping to be done with my first novel – which still remainds titled “Untitled– New World Series” – by early next year.

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