Where did the time go?

There are upsides to being an unpublished indie writer… no one gets disappointed when your books are hugely delayed. So what happened, I can hear not a soul ask. Well, on the off chance that even a single person is reading my blog (which is extremely unlikely given the circumstances), work happened. As I may have mentioned in a previous post, I work at a company that hires me out to write this and that for others. Sometimes it is articles or informative website copywriting, and one rare, delightful occasions I get to write fiction. Granted, it is not romantic fiction, but to an aspiring writer even crumbs will do while my soul yearns to get back to my real passion, which is of course writing what I want to write and not what I get told I have to write.

I am planning on quitting my day job as soon as I am able, which probably means a few decades after my first book is published (optimism has never been my strong suit) and focus solely on finishing the hundreds of books I have lurking in my brain (I kid you not, I have about 35 outlines written out already and even more half started stories when I just HAD to put the voices in my head down on paper).  Speaking of voices in your head… have you ever imagined a character for so long that you can almost hear him or her talk to you? Well, I have and to my deep chagrin the character that is alive in my head these days is a villain. A terrible villain that is trying to make me write him a whole book. He feels pretty evil, so I am not sure how I am going to turn him into a romantic lead, but he just keeps nagging and nagging and I think the only way to make him stop is to create him his own little universe. Or maybe I will find a way to kill him off… hmm.

To get back to my point, I am still alive for those of you that didn’t ask and don’t know I exist, but I just haven’t had time to make ANY sort of decent progress on my ALMOST FINISHED book, and the few times I have been able to sit down and make some time for writing, my phone beeps with another project from my darned boss. I think he secretly wants to ruin my life. No joke.

Oh, well. If anyone reads this, know that I am still working on it and I will get a book published this year. If my boss tries to stop me… I might just have to treat him like one of those annoying characters and consider killing him off.

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