What have you missed?

If you’re a true stalker and religiously read my newsletter and never miss my posts in the FB group, then you can stop reading here (and please turn off the lights on your night-vision googles, it’s casting a glare off my computer!)

If you’re a semi-regular stalker (or, you know, a normal reader feeling slightly appalled at this intro), I have stuff for you below.

Still with me? Okay, here we go.

A couple of times a year, I share one of my newsletters on my blog. Normally, it’s when I’ve sent out one that’s been particularly well received, or when I think I’ve been particularly hilarious (agreement from readers about my hilarity is not required and seldom given😆), and occasionally it’s just because there’s an update or teasers or something that I feel belongs in my blog for all the readers who like to stalk websites (like me, I’m a proper website stalker) to see.

Today, it’s a mix of all three (lucky you, right?)

But before I share the last newsletter (and the book 3 teaser it contained), I wanted to show you the character art I got commissioned (this was revealed in my newsletter one by one as they finished).

Feral Souls Art Link
Password: secretart

Oh, and my author merch store with SO many amazing designs!

Erica Woods Merch

And now, finally… To the newsletter!


Yes. That’s how I’m choosing to start this newsletter. With an ominous little Uh-Oh… It’s completely fitting, too! Here, three possible reasons for my sinister subject choice. Guess which one is right!

Why did this email start this with Uh-Oh? Is it because…

1. …I had a fight with Siri and when I called her an unreasonable birch, she had the nerve to say, and I quote: “I see no birch in your contact list. Who do you want to facetime with?”

2. …Hope has gone and gotten herself the attention of a vampire? (yes, this newsletter contains a teaser, you have been warned)

3. …I’ve run out of blueberry protection and fear for the safety of my pristine white-ish walls and my newly washed hair?

I’ll leave you to speculate while I drop some truth bombs on you all.


They won’t explode, I promise.

Don’t be scared.

Come closer…




Blueberry explosion

Truth Bomb 1: Never trust a blueberry-carrying Erica! Hahahha! (yes I’m currently cackling, and yes, I made this image just for this purpose… no regrets!)

Truth bomb 2: Siri won our fight and proved herself the superior being. I am now banned from calling her names.

Truth bomb 3: The main reason why I want to live until I’m 500 is that I’m terrified of dying before I’ve written all the stories in my head.

(and also because I BADLY want to visit an alien planet and pet all the alien animals, but let’s be real… isn’t that everyone’s secret dream?)

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Book 3 teaser – No spoilers!

You heard me. After three-hundred-and-sixty-five-million years, I have managed to find a short (very short) teaser that contains NO SPOILERS.

They said it couldn’t be done. They said it was impossible. They said I would finish all the scenes, do all the edits, complete all revisions, and publish the book before said teaser was procured, but HAH I proved them wrong (still don’t quite know who ‘they’ are but I’m sure they’re watching this). So here you go. Short (short!) teaser for you below.  

Book 3 - Unedited - Subject to changes

-Ash POV (starting in the middle)-

One after another, the lycans threw themselves at the stranger only to be batted away with a flick of a long, slender wrist and a grimace of furious disdain.

Old. Older than me. Maybe even older than Ruarc.

The vampire stilled. He lifted his head and sniffed.

Fur bristled beneath my skin.

Dark eyes flickered, then unerringly found us on the shadows. We should not have drawn his attention, not with so many others around, not while we were concealed by darkness and trees and a host of other lycans.

When the vampire’s glowing gaze locked on Hope, my wolf bared his teeth and rushed to the surface.

And that’s it! I mean, there was a ridiculous poll, too. And a book section. But it doesn’t work properly on my website, so I’m leaving it at that.

If my exploding blueberries didn’t send you fleeing and my rambles amused you (and you’re suffering from FOMO and don’t want to miss any teasers or designs or weird polls), you can sign up to my newsletter below (just remember to immediately check your junk folder where the evil email gods inevitable think I belong so you can confirm your subscription)

Next blog update coming sooner than you think.

And it’s a special one too. But not too special. Just… special enough to be fun.

until then…

beware of exploding blueberries!

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