Website Update and Other News

It took me about three weeks, but I’ve finally updated my website. Yes, yes, procrastination at its best, but I had to do it at some point and now it’s done! Don’t let anyone tell you wordpress is easy–it probably is for all those tech savants out there, but definitely not for me!

That’s not all that happened these last few weeks, I’ve reached 420k words on my Reverse Harem Trilogy. The last scene I wrote was this incredibly fun scene from one of the guys’ POV where they’re all arguing about their female in hushed whispers while she sleeps in one of the guys’ arms. Of course, she wakes up just as they’re discussing female logic and the male who woke her earns himself a furious scolding from the male holding her for daring to wake up HIS female when she so desperately needs sleep. The whole scene played out in my head and I felt like a spectator recording what happened for my (so far non-existent) readers.

Moving away from my writing, my hubby is the greatest man alive, I swear. I’m a seriously needy person, like… I need ALL the love. ALL OF IT. And my beast of a husband knows this and, what’s better, feels the same. As in; he wants to give me all the love. ALL. THE. TIME. I’m not talking about sex-though that’s definitely part of it-but just attention and care and affection and all that sweet stuff that I’ve craved my whole life on a soul deep level.

Now that that’s said–are you still reading dear hubby? No? Okay, on to the dirt. Hubby left his socks on the couch again. On the couch, you may ask, why? Don’t ask me. I have no idea why or how his socks keeps ending up on the couch. When I ask him he either shrugs and says, “Dunno,” or he picks me up caveman style and distracts me in other ways. I’m not sure I like it. But I’m also not sure I don’t like it.

What else, what else? Hmm… I am still somewhat procrastinating. There’s a scene brewing in my mind, a scene I’ve put off for a while now. It’s a big fighting scene, a HUGE one. Secrets will be revealed, secrets that are so big they kind of blew my mind. Yes, I didn’t know about the secret until a little while ago. My one character just kind of sprung it on me and I have no clue how to write it. Not to mention fighting scenes are hell to write. There’s so much going on, but how do you truly capture the action of a movie running in your head in writing? Especially when your talents doesn’t exactly lie in action-packed writing, but more in the emotional stuff. You know, the relationship building, the thrill of that first touch, the heat when lips meet for the first time, the uncertainty–the god-awful, gut wrenching uncertainty when you don’t know how you could possibly make a relationship work. Those kind of things come, not easy, writing is always like pulling teeth out of your head–since that’s where the scenes play out, and, let me tell you, they’re way smoother in my head than what comes out during my first draft–but easier than other things. Like fight scenes.

Anyways… I better stop procrastinating and start writing. Bye for now (she said to no one, hoping one day someone will read this and smile).

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