The Stomach Revolt – Update

If you’ve been lurking in my Facebook group or reading my blog, you may have noticed I’ve been sick for what feels like forever! My stomach decided to do a revolt in December, and ever since then, we’ve been at war. Most days, my stomach has been winning and I’ve been a pathetic floor dweller, spitting cat hairs (they like to back their butts into my face while I’m dying on the floor) and watching old series I’ve seen a million times before (right now, I’m watching Dawson’s Creek and remembering the crush I had on Pacey when I was young and carefree and not plagued by a stomach who’s slowly trying to kill me!)

I’ve been back and forth to the doctor five billion times in the last 7 months, taken invasive tests, had my blood sucked dry (and I tell you now, doctors are secretly vampires!) and gotten several different diagnosises (err, what’s the plural of diagnosis?) that turned out to be WRONG and taken meds that MADE ME WORSE.

About 7 weeks ago, I got another diagnosis and meds to take for 6 weeks, but after 4 it was clear they only made me worse, so it was back to the docs and new meds to try. Still haven’t found anything that works, but I have a couple more meds to try, and I have an appointment with a gastro/hashimotos specialist the 20th of July, so I’m trying to stay positive.

On the plus side, my anemia is better and I’ve gotten vitamins for all my deficiencies (courtesy of a stomach that refuses to absorb the nutritions it needs—what an idiot, right?) All in all, things have been really rough, but after every wrong medicine and incorrect diagnosis, at least we’ve eliminated stuff and I’m hoping they’ll figure it out soon ( I’m keeping all my fingers and toes crossed). Sooner or later I’ll either get better or I’ll get a refund on my body and become the world’s very first cyborg lady!

Snail speed; writing update!

So… I’m still working on book 3, but it’s going abnormally slow. It’s a complex edit with a lot of changes and new scenes required (mostly because of all the changes and additions done during edits to book 1 and 2—together, almost 100k words were added to them during edits, so that’s basically a 400 page book added after I wrote the first draft of book 3 that I need to take into consideration). And being sick, intense work like that is hard and takes forever—floor dwelling doesn’t mash well with writing.

Anyways, 5 days a week is my “edit” days. I try work as much as I can during those days, but there are days where my stomach revolts and forces me back into floor-dweller status until I go to bed. I hate hate hate wasted days, and I more than that, I hate that I’m unable to do what I want because my body is just refusing to cooperate. But right now, that’s where I’m at, though I’m really hoping it won’t last much longer (if you’re sensing a bit of quiet despair seeping through the hilarity (I can feel hubs rolling his eyes but I’m funny dammit!) of this post, I apologize! Staying positive has never been one of my strong suits—in fact, my brain likes to jump to worst case scenario and plot my funeral every time I have the sniffles. On the bright side, I’m pretty prepared for the end of the world).

What else does Erica do besides working on book 3 and decomposing on the floor?

Well, 1 day a week is my “off” day. That day I try to do nothing without feeling guilty about it. Although if I’m feeling good that day, I edit instead. And the last day a week, I do either learning or creative work—which is world building, writing on other stuff, creating or talking to characters etc.

This creative day has been really good for me, and I can’t wait until I feel better and can get more out of it—mostly because this day is the day that spawned the first Feral Souls spin off (cue shocked gasp). During one of these days, I wrote a whole outline for it (which is VERY unlike me) and since then, I’ve spent some time drafting scenes or talking to the characters (but only once a week on my creative day).

The spin-off will release at some point after book 3 of the Feral Souls Trilogy (how long after depends just how many of my creative days pass while I’m in floor dweller status) so something to look forward to. And yes, this spin-off will visit Hope and the guys again, so even though the Feral Souls Trilogy will end with book 3, you’ll see more of the characters you’ve (hopefully) grown to love in the spin offs!

Anyway. That was a huge wall of text. I would do a TL;DR but as you all know, I’m naturally long-winded and trying to condense this huge wall of text will take energy better spent on book 3 so… OFF I GO!


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  1. I hope you find the remedy you need to feel better again! I’ve reread both books at least 10 times already and can’t wait to read the last one probably double that. Put those doctors to work as hard as you have been so that you can get back to full health 🤗

  2. I am sure one of the tests and drs said something but hashimoto is usually linked to gluten intolerance and that would make you sick all the time and keep you from absorbing vitamins properly. Hoping you find a good solution!!

    1. I’ve been gluten free for 6 or 7 years now, and it made a huge difference! I used to have terrible headaches all the time, but as soon as I cut out gluten they disappeared!

  3. Medical testing is the worst. Hope you are on the mend soon…and that the doctors will have better answers for you!

  4. I‘m so sorry to hear what hardships you have to go through! Stay strong and amazing and most of all: think positive. I wish you the best, get well soon!

  5. I am so glad you’re getting in with a gastroenterologist! I feel like they should have gotten you into that specialist sooner given your issues! My 8yo daughter has had GI problems on and off since she was 3, and I am SO appreciative of her pediatric gastroenterologist!!! I really hope that doctor can give you legitimate answers!

    1. I actually got into gastro fairly quickly (after 3 “normal” doctor visits), but he hasn’t been able to help me. My new doctor is a gastro/hashi expert and so far he seems pretty good. We’ve done a bunch of tests and I’m waiting for answers (which I won’t get until the end of August so that’s quite a wait) but he seemed pretty optimistic that he could help me so fingers crossed!
      And I’m so sorry about your daughter, being sick is not fun at all, and especially as a kid! On hte bright side, children are VERY resilient and once she’s better, she probably wont ever think back to this–though you as a parent will probably be scarred for life 🙁 Sending all the hugs and well wishes!

  6. I’m so sorry about your stomach issues (ugh fetal position time??) i love your books so much and I can’t wait until you feel better (and maybe a new book🥲)
    I hope u get better soon!

    1. I can’t wait either, and my reasons are closely aligned with yours (I just want to write all the books dammit!!) And thank you, I’m so glad you love my books!

  7. A member of my family went through something similar recently. If you haven’t yet performed a stool test (gross, I know) to check for gut dysbiosis and zonulin levels, I would highly recommend it. It’s amazing how many problems begin when the microbiome is out of whack. Maybe IGE and IgG testing too to check for allergies and intolerances. These are all tests that can be ordered online.

    Also, if you struggle with gluten, it might be worth eliminating all grains for a week to see if they’re contributing, especially maize/corn. They’re hard on the digestive system. Whole grain rice is usually well tolerated, but I’d avoid the rest. Gluten free alternatives are great for celiacs, but not so much if you’re dealing with a damaged gut.

    Really hope you feel better soon. Looking forward to your next book. X

    1. Hi Angela!
      We’ve done all those tests, though I don’t think they’ve checked zonulin levels. I will ask! I just went in for a new bunch of tests because they still haven’t figured it out.

      Thank you for the tip, I’ve actually been gluten free for 6 years and it solved all the issues I used to have (headaches, stomach pain etc). Whatever happened back in December to unleash this new hell on me is something else. Hopefully they’ll figure it out soon!

  8. I’m sending ALL the good thoughts your way, Erica! I am so sorry that you’re going through this.
    We are all happy to wait for your next brilliant book. You get healthy, and try not to stress about work too much. As someone who has chronic guilt-disorder due to chronic illness, that’s always been hard for me, to feel like I was letting people down, because my body was letting me down.

    I hope your doctors figure it out soon!

    1. Thank you so much Becca! That really means a lot❤ And yeah, the guilt is real! It’s hard to get away from it, but stress makes it worse so I’m trying to focus on just getting better. I hope you’re heading into an upswing, and you’ll have more good days than bad in the coming months!

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