Secret Project – Sex Scene

Below is sex scene teaser for a secret project. I have no idea when I’ll write the fully story-I’m super busy editing Hunted, and then it’s on to edit the other two in the Feral Souls Trilogy-but I’m already in love with Cole (name might change) and the fierce but vulnerable woman he’s claimed as his own.

I hope you enjoy this quick glimpse into their lives!

“Spread your legs,” he growled, his dark, sinful voice sending shivers of pure pleasure to my core.

When I hesitated a second too long, his large palms grabbed one knee each, pulling them apart with agonizing slowness, exposing me to his gaze.

“Mine.” That masculine purr was followed by a dip of his head as he trailed a scorching line of punishing kisses from my thigh to the place that burned for him.

“Cole, please…”

Green eyes igniting with a possessive glow, he stared up at me, a frown tugging at the corner of his mouth. “You know what to call me in bed, chéri.”

The moan that slipped from my throat was filled with a quiet desperation, half moan half strangled cry. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t say what he wanted me to say.

A cruel smile transformed his face from merely handsome to wickedly beautiful. “Then I’ll have to punish you…”

“Gods, Cole. Please just-oh!” My back arched as he pressed a hot open-mouthed kiss to my bare, wet core. Burying my hands in the silky strands of his hair did nothing to lessen the pleasure shooting down my spine as his tongue speared into me.

Nor did it stop Cole from doing exactly what he wanted, bringing me to the edge of climax before pausing.

“Say it,” he purred against my pussy, the vibrations adding to the desperate need clawing at my chest.

“I caaaaaan’t…”

Don’t stop. Please, don’t stop, I chanted in my head, almost crying when his talented mouth withdrew once more.


I didn’t want to look at him. Didn’t want to see the smug satisfaction or the masculine arrogance he wore like a second skin. He knew he could make me say it. Knew he could make me say whatever he wanted in this moment.

“Oh, chéri,” he said in that deep, gravelly voice of his. “This isn’t a battle you can win.”

With those words, he dove back in, not stopping until I was a quivering puddle of desperate need.

“Say it,” he growled and bit my inner thigh hard enough to bruise.

“Please!” I cried.

A disappointed shake of his head. “You can do better than that, chéri.” Leaning down until his hot breath made my trembling flesh strain for attention, he lifted his smouldering gaze to me. Looking at him like that, with his harshly beautiful face between my legs, brows arched as he waited, he was my whole world.

Nothing mattered except satisfying the inferno of need he’d so carefully stoked. Nothing mattered except his approval—and the pleasure that would follow. The pleasure only he could give me.

My mouth opened. My lungs expanded.

A slow, victorious grin spread across his lips, revealing a hint of deadly fang.

It was over. We both knew it.

I exhaled, my body bracing for the sweet release, the white hot inferno of pleasure that only he could give me.


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