Scorching Hot – In a Bad way?

A couple times a year I post a copy of a newsletter to my website (usually it’s something fun that I use to try lure new readers into my space of rambling mayhem) but this time I’m going to post a boring one because it had some important updates that I’ve been meaning to share on my website for a while now and yet still haven’t.

So without further anything, below is November’s newsletter! (or most of it, I didn’t include the intro, which had a button to take you to a deleted book 3 scene. If you want to see it, you can find it here)

Scorching Hot in a bad way
Instead of talking about how Ash absolutely lit Hope up during a pretty innocent… ahem, incident, I’m going to entertain you all with details about my corona fight

I know, I know, waaaay more interesting. Who wants to know about Ash, am I right?😆

But yeah, the last 3 weeks I’ve been in a fever induced haze courtesy of the C virus, and I can honestly say I have never in my life felt so excruciatingly hot as I did at the height of my fever. Not even when I was in Greece one summer and the air conditioner at the hotel broke and I suffered an actual heatstroke did I feel quite so scorched.

I mean, I even considered moving to Antarctica (but then I remembered how much I hate winter and the cold and slippery, treacherous ice that always manages to trick me into nearly breaking my tailbone on the ice-crusted pavement, and I came to my senses).


I just wanted to let everyone know what’s been going on and apologize to those who’ve emailed or tried to get in touch with me lately without a response. I’ve been completely offline and have mostly just moved (read: crawled) back and forth between the bed and the couch, and I’m still trying to catch up on all the things I’ve missed.

Please bear with me for a little while longer!

Book 3 Update
While I’m no longer feverish, I’m feeling pretty run down, so for the first time ever I’m going to recycle some content I posted in my Facebook group a couple days ago. If you’re in my group, you probably read this update and can skip to the next section! If you’re not in my group or you haven’t seen the post yet, strap in, it’s going to be a long one…

FB post:
There’s been a lot of “is book 3 still coming out this year” and “when is book 3 coming out” posts that got stuck in pending because every time I went to approve them, I got so stressed I could barely think straight, and trying to formulate a reply sent me spiraling into anxiety, so I tried to push it out of my mind and deal with it “tomorrow” – hoping I’d know for sure then, but then the ‘rona caught me and here we are😳

So yeah. This is the post I’d so hoped I wouldn’t have to make, not just because I don’t want to let you all down but because I’d hoped to be done by now, but in the last month or so it’s become clear that book 3 won’t be finished this year😣

The good news is that there will “officially” be two more books instead of one (no more guessing or maybes, a fourth book is coming for sure!), and I think the series will be SO much better for it! Another book was definitely needed, there was just too much story and too much character growth to fit into one book, and I think everyone will be really happy with all the new content (some of my all time favorite scenes from the whole trilogy are among them😍)

Unfortunately, all that extra content means my plans were derailed. I spent this year basically writing a fourth book when the plan was to just edit book 3, resulting in my first draft almost tripling😳 Instead of 500 pages I now have close to 1300, and since I really don’t want you to have to wait a long time between releases again, I want to finish both books at the same time so they can release within a month or two of each other. It’s a lot to coordinate though, and it’s really hard working with a draft this big🫣

On top of that, I’m not a fast writer on a good day. I spend a lot of time editing and rewriting and going over everything only to find that I need to make more changes. It’s the same process I used for both Hunted and Assembly, but while I spent 12 hours a day working on Assembly, I’m much more limited now because of my health. My body gives out way sooner, my brain can’t keep up, and I spend a lot of time frustrated. It’s a very different experience, and every time I make a time estimate for myself, I blow past it because I keep thinking I can get all these things done that I could in the past, but now it’s just so much slower and so much harder, and it’s been challenging to adjust to.

That’s not to say you have a super long wait ahead—I’m almost done with all the additions and I’ve done a lot of deep editing already. But I’m not going to give an estimation or a date until I’m actually 100% sure when things are ready because the thought of disappointing you again just makes me want to throw up!😭 And while I probably could have gotten away with just polishing the original book 3 draft and releasing it earlier this year to avoid this delay, it wouldn’t have been the ending I wanted to write—or the one I feel like the characters deserve.

Aaand I’m going to stop now before my nervous ramble goes on for another fifteen minutes. Thank you everyone for all the love, support, and patience you’ve given me these last couple years while I’ve been struggling so much with my health❤ Without you, there wouldn’t be a book 3 (or 4), but now I’m so very excited to finish up and share the end of Hope’s journey with you all—and I promise I’m going to do my best to pay you back in the form of a great series finale and hopefully many more stories to come❤



Here, have a picture of my evil danger kitten to make up for reading that wall of text:

Erica's RockPot

Okay he’s not actually roaring or preparing to kill, he’s just caught mid yawn. Cute, right?


Next email will arrive…
…December 5 and will feature a teaser or a scene or something actually fun!

Until the 5th,



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