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And some stuff that you definitely don't.

Last updated Feb 4, 2024 with a deleted scene from book 3  (previous update includes a Group Text between Hope and the guys, Merch Shop, Wolf O’Clock News, and Extra Scene Requests!)

This is the place where I will link to all the things. Including book 3 teasers and updates, deleted scenes, book recs, and all that jazz. You ready? Okay, let’s go!

Table of Contents

Book 3 - Where the hell is it?

AAH don’t yell at me! Don’t you know authors are fragile creatures with fragile emotions and fragile bodies all broken down from repetitive keyboard injuries? If you yell at us, our heads will explode and you’ll be stuck trying to clean brain matter off the ceiling–and let me tell you, brains are sticky and don’t like to be cleaned (I should know, mine regularly explodes… Hazards of editing and all that).

But since you asked (yelled): There is no release date for book 3 yet (as of February 2024). My latest update about this can be found in this blog post.  (updated December 2023)

What's with the blueberries?

It all started with a newsletter titled “Author or Alien?” – First paragraph, point number 3.

Why is everyone in this group obsessed with Birches? Don't they know Oaks are where it's at?

Blame Kella Schüpbach and everyone who commented on her post as well as the 500+ readers who voted for the all of the “birches” options on the subsequent poll.

Stop FAQing me, I want Feral Souls stuff, dammit!

Do I need to bring Ruarc out to scold you for your language? Bad reader. BAD BAD reader!

But fine. Fine. Here we go. Feral Souls stuff!

Feral Souls Stuff
  • And that’s all for now. Will add more soon(ish).
  • Want to read some weird news that ties into the Feral Souls universe (both the trilogy and future spin-offs?) Welcome to Wolf O’Clock News
  • Group Text between Hope and the guys
  • Deleted Scene from book 3 (NEW) – This is on Ream, a new platform made specifically for authors. You don’t have to sign up to read it, only if you want to take advantage of the cool inline comment features and if you want to be notified when I add more stuff!
  • Dialogue snippet between Ruarc and Jason
Random note: Author Crack – Yes, reader, you CAN get your favorite author high. This is how.
Erica's Recommended Reads
Get to know Erica (skip these if you like believing that Erica is in possession of all her marbles)
Erica's Editing Process
  • And… that’s it! You’ve reached the end of the line, congratulations! Not many souls make it this far, and most that do are all dry and empty and aching by the time they get here. REMEMBER TO HYDRATE! Souls are voracious water-drinkers, crazed chocolate-grabbers, and ferocious book-devourers so feed them well… (they need at least three books to read a week to stay healthy!)

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