One year later…

Two years, 350 000 words, and an ocean of tears later, here we are…

Looking over the website I realize it needs a massive overhaul, but I have no time for that at the moment. The book I had almost completed ended up being sidelined as I dealt with some pretty hectic shit in my personal life (health is so important guys, treasure it!). Luckily, I have the best hubby in the world or it is entirely possible I would have spontaneously combusted. Seriously, how he put up with me while I complained about my pain constantly and was all hopped up on drugs I’ll never understand.

Instead of the sci fi romance I promised my (zero) blog followers, I am 300 000 words into a reverse harem paranormal romance. It will be a trilogy and I am close to finishing first draft of book three (the last one, thank god!). And when I say close it means I have about four months of hard work to go before starting the first round of edits.

After that is finished I will go back to my sci-fi menage and possibly change it to a triage (not the medical term, the made up one that means three men, one woman) as there was one character there that just roared at me when I booted him off the romance train.

This post is all over the place, but that’s okay. I’ve done my 2k words for the day (hey, its Saturday) and I’ve had a pretty intense meeting with the treadmill (not by choice, BELIEVE me, I’m in recovery from a back injury and its terrible), and this blog only exists so I can pour out some of the crazy that stores up during the day.

So, yeah… Books to come.

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