I’m still alive!

If you’ve stalked me on Facebook or you’re subscribed to my Newsletter where things get real, rambly, and occasionally ridiculously crazy, you may know I’ve been sick since December. I’m in the last stages of testing with the doctors now (thank god, it’s not been fun), and I have my last test in four weeks (the one where they stick a camera down your mouth and spy on your stomach). They suspect inflammation due to my mono in September or stomach ulcers caused by a virus/bacteria/whatever it was I had in December, but I’ll know for sure in about a month.

Since I’ve been feeling like death and spending most of my time curled up on the floor, I haven’t made anywhere near the amount of progress I wanted to have made on book 3 by now, but I have made some, and judging by what I’ve done and seen and noted so far, book 3 will be the fattest of all the books. It’s gonna be THICK guys. THICK!

Anyways, I’ve started feeling a little better so hopefully my floor dwelling days are mostly in in the past, and I’ll make sure to update my blog with my progress soon! (Yes, I’m talking about another editing ramble, and yes, you will like it dammit!)

Stay safe, read all the books, enjoy your forced hermit status for a little while longer, and I’ll update you all again soon <3

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