Hunted is LIVE!

My very first bookbaby is now LIVE on Amazon! AAAAAH

I’ve never been more excited or nervous or terrified in my life! I’ve worked so hard on this thing for so long, that the thought of others reading it is enough to make me hyperventilate. What if they don’t like it? What if no one even gives it a chance? What if it disappears into oblivion, never to resurface?

Okay, I’m completely freaking myself out! Before I spiral into a full blown panic attack, let me get you the cover and the link!



Click on the cover for the link.

It feels so strange to actually be a published author. I can’t get over the fact that others can read this now. It’s like you’re cracking open my skull and examining all the crazy inside.

The characters in this book were so incredibly alive to me. They never really listened to what I wanted or what I had to say, instead they did their own thing and dragged me along with them. They’ve been a pleasure to write, and I can’t wait to finish the next two books and give them the ending they deserve.

I’m just crossing my fingers and toes and eyes and everything that others will end up loving the characters as much as I do.

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