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While I wait for Hunted to come back from the editor I’m outlining a new series, a fantasy series that I’m insanely excited about! BUT…. (there’s always a but, isn’t there?) it’s taking so freaking long! And it’s all my fault…

As a reader I LOVE character and relationship development. I love the slow burn of an attraction that slowly ignites and burns through ups and downs, disaster and sex, until the parties involved are so tangled up that love becomes inevitable, no matter how painful. I love it so much I can’t help but write it, and it requires I know my character really, really well.

When I first started the Feral Soul Trilogy I spent about 3 weeks getting to know my characters (and doing literally nothing else). I wrote down every scene they featured in that popped into my head. I wrote backstories and interactions that would never appear in the book, anything to satisfy my need to know them, to understand what made them tick, and to learn what they wanted to accomplish during the course of the trilogy. And now…

Now I’m doing it again.

I’ve finished a vague outline of the idea as it first came to me. I’ve marked the plotpoints I think will occur as the series progresses (many of these will change as the character argues and drags the story in a different direction) and I’m done with a fantasy-world outline. And though I’d like to go more in depth on all those things before doing anything else, the only thing I can think about is these characters. So for the next few weeks, in between editing Hunted (once I get it back from editor) I’ll be found nose deep in character creation. The one good thing that comes out of this (besides my characters being like real people to me, which I’m not convinced is a good thing), is that once the series is out I’ll have a lot of possible bonus scenes to put up. Not enough to justify the WEEKS I’ll spend creating them, but it’s something for my readers to hopefully enjoy. And once I’m done and have this new series written, I hope you all find the characters as alive and real as they inevitably become to me during the amazing, rewarding journey that is writing.


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  1. I was so excited reading The Feral Souls Trilogy book one even despite the “slow-burn”! This is a really great book, and I would love to know when you plan on releasing The Feral Souls Trilogy book two? 😁

    1. I’m thrilled you enjoyed Hunted-honestly I can’t get enough of hearing it! I’m hoping to have book 2 ready in about 6 months. I’ll be working my ass off to get it done as quickly as I possibly can, and I’ll publish the minute it’s ready (no long pre-order etc). I THINK it will be around 6 months, but I can’t say anything for sure.

  2. I have just finished Hunted and I loved it. I had a feeling that the book was going to end and leave me wanting more but knowing that still didn’t prepare me! I’m desperate to continue on hope’s journey and can’t wait for your other projects to be released. You are an amazing writer and you have a way of capturing readers from first page. So thank you for your book!

    1. Wow, what a wonderful comment to wake up to! Thank you so much, I’m thrilled you enjoyed Hunted that much! I hope you’ll like the next one, too. Thank you for leaving a comment, it’s so nice knowing people are actually visiting the website!

  3. I loved Hunted! It is absolutely one of my favorite books I think I’ve read it 10 times at least since I read it in July. I love the characters and the plot. I have absolutely no problem with the slow-burn it makes the getting ending so much more satisfying. I especially love the different personalities of all the guys Ruarc and Ash are definitely my favorites right now but it may change. I’m a weirdo so I just started writing down all my notes and character descriptions, plot, quotes I find important, and scene descriptions on sticky notes and putting them in my physical book. I can’t wait for Assembly I really want to see how all the characters progress through the story and how Hope handles going to the Assembly and being in the guy’s world. And if she figures anything out about herself! I am definitely a huge fan now and can guarantee I will be buy the other two books as soon as I can both physically and electronically! You’re amazing!!!!!!! Thank you for creating a story I don’t mind reading over and over again and not feeling bored each time I do read it again.

    1. That is seriously so awesome! I was thinking about writing down my own notations in one of the paperbacks, like why something happen or how I felt when I wrote something, and then give it away (assuming anyone would want a paperback filled with my VERY UGLY scribbles😆 Anyway, I’m so very happy you enjoyed my book so much, and thank you for all the kind words, it’s so amazing to know the book is so loved❤

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