Do you have exploding head syndrome?😨

Weird heading, huh? Well, it was the title of my last newsletter. My email provider had some issues with the one I sent out the 15th of September, and a lot of people were sad that they didn’t receive it. So I thought I’d publish it on my website for those of you who might have missed it (but check your junk folders first because I’m often thrown there like the trash the evil email gods believe me to be 😳)

I’m gonna copy paste it straight in, but before I do, I thought I’d give those of you who only stalk my website an update.

Where are we with Assembly? Well, it’s almost done. It’s coming SOON (I know I’ve said this a lot, but this time I really think it’s true! *cue desperate laughter that kinda sounds like sobs*). I’m at the very end of the Red Pen of Doom stage (I’ve been editing 12+ hours a day every day, and when I close my eyes at night, all I see are floating, taunting letters underlined by red), and I’m very very close to giving my betas this monster tome to read through. Also, hubs is very close to smashing my computer (I promised him I’d take every Sunday off, and so far this year, I’ve only stopped editing for 8 Sundays all in all) so it behooves me (I love that word, behooooooooove) to hurry the hell up!

Anyway… Don’t want to miss out on future newsletters? Sign up below. And below that, the newsletter that went out the 15th is copy pasted. Enjoy my rambling ramble.


The email begins...

Well, do you? Do you have exploding head syndrome?
I’m usually not one to self diagnose, but the other day after a long day of editing, a throbbing headache, and a sudden, strange pressure that resulted in the top of my head suddenly shooting off and into the ceiling like a furious teapot blowing its lid, I came to the conclusion that I do, in fact, have exploding head syndrome. I didn’t even have to google it.

“But Erica, what is the lesson here?” you may be wondering. Well, I’m glad you asked. The lesson is… If your head randomly explodes, it’s time to take a nap.
“Oooh, Erica, you’re so wise!” (this is what you’re thinking right now, isn’t it?) If it isn’t, then you should. I am wise. With exploding head syndrome comes a fountain of wisdom. And if you’re now worried you’ll be the victim of exploding head syndrome… it ONLY attacks writers in the editing stages. If you’re not an editing writer, you’re safe. If you are… Invest in some swimming caps to avoid brain on the ceiling.

Anyways… Remember the rant I’ve promised you for 3 emails now? Well it’s here. Read at your own risk.

And now, to the rant you’ve waited one and a half month for:

Honesty, this is probably more like a ramble. But I’ve figured out why Assembly is taking so long to edit! At least, I think I’ve figured it out. I have two theories, one spawned from the tiny (TEENY TINY) logical part of my brain that I basically never listen to (theory 1). The other just burst to life in an explosion of fiery self-loathing, existing in the much bigger, much more dominant part of my brain. The one I so hatefully refer to as my anxious stressmuffin of horrors. That hellish part spawned theory 2.

Theory 2 first (since it exploded and all): Somehow, back when I wrote the first draft of book 2, I forgot everything I’d learned from drafting book 1, and I started sucking. So book 2 was a steaming pile of trash that needed tons of editing to fix, and that’s why it’s taking so much longer than I expected. 

Theory 1 (the one that better be correct or I’ll make good on my threat and find a nice, dirty bridge to live under so I can start my bridge-troll-life-of-doom): After writing the first draft of book 3 AND editing book 1, I improved (cue shocked gasps). I know, I know. Doesn’t sound like a thing I’d say. Or even think. And I didn’t until—okay wait, I’m doing this out of order. Hang on, let me try explain.

So, when editing book 1, I learned. Quite a lot, I think. And then when I started editing book 2, I felt overwhelmed (because book 2 was more complicated and had to make sense even with the HUGE change that happened in book 3 when Ash went rogue and changed the story) so started studying editing. And investing in editing books and courses. So I improved again (at least I sure as hell hope so, if not, the time I spent on that was a HUGE waste). So then it stands to reason I’m now editing better/deeper than I did when editing book 1? Right?

I didn’t actually consider this until the other day when I had to try remember something I’d forgotten about book 1, so I started reading Hunted and I saw SO MUCH STUFF that could be improved! Stuff I didn’t notice back then.  It made me twitchy (because no way am I going back and re-editing a book I already spent 8 months editing!)

So there you have it. Either I’ve improved (YAY) and editing much more thoroughly. OR Past Erica wrote a terrible book that I have now spent what feels like 100 000 years fixing.

What do you think? (Yes, I snuck in a poll in this newsletter too. You can thank me by sending me furbaby pictures. Seriously. Send them. Send them NOW!)

Which of these theories do YOU think is correct?

(in the newsletter, these were clickable fields you could vote on so I could see what you all thought.)

  1. I vote theory 1. Mostly so you won’t become a bridge troll. There’s a slight, very slight, possibility I’d miss you. And now that I’ve invested six hundred and forty eight years waiting for Assembly… ducking finish it already!
  2. Theory 2 for sure. Past Erica ruined your life by writing a trashy book (on purpose probably!) and now she’s cackling maniacally while you work your ass off fixing it. I’m kinda laughing with her. At you. HA HA

That’s it! That was the whole email! If you’re subscribed to my email list, PLEASE try to open most my emails (the more you open and click on links in said email, the better my sender reputation). My goal is to one day NOT be placed in spam/trash/promo folders. I know, I know, sounds impossible. But dream big and all that.

Anyway, if you’re subscribed to my newsletter, you’ll get the next one either the 27th or the 29th of this month. See you all then <3


19 Responses

    1. HUNTED
      Was literally one of the best books I’ve ever ever read!!!
      I read something every single day…so don’t over think or over edit, because you obviously have a natural talent that not all writers have, be true to yourself and remember the love of writing and all will be well….
      I absolutely can’t wait for your next book so please just bless us with your book…
      I’m sure It will be worth the wait!

      1. AAAH I LOVE hearing that my book made it into the “best book of all time” list!! Thank you so much for making my day❤❤ And for the really lovely words❤

  1. Hunted was AMAZING. The writing was fantastic! You are so very talented, and I am offended that you (with your additional editing knowledge) think it was trash and could be improved on 😱. (Although, I understand..I too am a perfectionist 😅).
    Assembly will be great, I don’t have one doubt about that. It could be written on napkins and missing most of its punctuation and it would still be wonderful. Your talent oozes onto paper, and your writing style is so beautiful that it would shine through anything.
    Take care of yourself. Your loyal fans are appreciative of you and your hard work!

    1. I don’t think Hunted was thrash! Only that it could have done with an additional 5 months of editing😆 But thank you so much, I’m SO HAPPY you thought Hunted was AMAZING (the capitals in particular made my day😍 And AAAH I’m seriously so nervous about Assembly I could just puke! I really hope my writing style hasn’t changed and you guys love it just as much as book 1!!

      Thank you for being a loyal fan! I will try to take care of myself but I have to admit it’s not my strong suit😆

  2. Thanks for the update and best of luck with the editing process. I don’t think I have looked forward to a new book series like this in a while as your writing style is distinctly detailed. Thanks for putting your best work out there I know the wait will be worth it. Keep up the great work Erica!

  3. I vote theory 1. Through everything, a person would take away something. With writing, and editing, you learn something new every time a project is started. Currently, I am trying to get mental health help from my Psychologist so I can finally start my illustrated story – manga. I have the whole story in my head (I have my main characters drawn as well), but I need to settle my mental health before starting on that journey.

    Once I can continue writing, I am sure the words will swim onto my paper. Until then, mental health, and physical health first.

    It doesn’t help that I live in Newfoundland, where there are very little things here. But right now we have moved to a wonderful community and it is more quiet. Which I prefer. Beautiful scenery too. I also need to teach myself proper grammer and sentence structure. Because honestly, I suck at it.

    In stating all of this ramble, I am willing to wait for a well thought-out book, than a rushed together story that has no rhyme or reason.

    Erica I would also like to thank you for always keeping us in lue of how everything is going. Writing, and editing is very hard. As well as, having a family. If you cannot send out a newsletter don’t feel pressured that you have to. Take your time, and make sure this is more a pleasant memory than a nightmare where you felt you were running in circles.


    Brittany Keeping

    1. Brittany, I’m glad you vote theory 1 because theory 2 is EVIL! And manga, that’s so exciting! You must be really good at drawing (I love drawing but I have no time for it and I’m pretty sure whatever skills I used to possess has atrophied😆).

      Mental health is important. I’ve been struggling lately myself, feeling very burnt out and exhausted and mind-heavy (if that’s a thing?). Apparently (according to some scientist) we’re now at the 6 month wall of corona, and after a couple of weeks we should all feel better (fingers crossed)!

      Thank you for all the support and encouragement, I’m so grateful for the understanding❤️

      As for the grammar–don’t worry about it. get the story out there and you can polish it during edits. You can also get betas and a proper editor to help you with the grammar issues, and if you want some light (weight wise but heavy brain wise) reading on grammar, grab the “The elements of style” book by Strunk and White. It’s amazing!

  4. Good lord. Just finished reading Hunted and in the words of Ruarc, “God-fucking-dammit!” I’m extremely worked up and seriously thought the next book was available now and I’m stunned that I have to wait an undetermined amount of time to get the next one.

    In other news, I will make it a point to tell folks how awesome this book is. I believe this is called a slow burn for a reason, and I’ll be damned if I’m not being consumed by the flames. I hope the third book pops out too. I’m a ravenous reader and this book definitely slaked my hunger. For now.

    Okay, actually, I need to read something else right now because I’m twitching in anticipation. Those last scenes of Hunted were probably the most erotic I’ve read and I loved it. Please, for the love of Lycans and all the Fae, publish the next books soon! I’m going to combust. I’m gonna recommend this book to another author I’m acquainted with (and emailing back and forth with a lot) and see if I can get her hooked on Hunted. ❤️

    1. Hahaha, yes Ruarc has a way with words, doesn’t he?😆 But I’m so freakin happy you enjoyed my book that much! I love getting comments like these (slightly tortured, very eager, and so supportive!), it feeds my soul! And seriously, thank you so much for wanting to spread the words! Having readers recommend my book is the absolute best promotion I could ever get, and it’s so very helpful, so thank you so much!❤️

      Yep, slow burn is meant to torture, though the burn does intensify quite a bit in book 2! I hope your author friend will like my book, and I really hope you don’t burst into flames (that would reflect very poorly on me I think).

  5. Would it reflect poorly, though? Spontaneous human combustion as a direct result of reading some steamy fiction would be a world-class positive review that I could get behind. And why in the world can’t Ruarc be real? My expectations of males have been irrevocably raised to unattainable.

    1. I just talked about this in my latest newsletter (expectations because of books, I mean) and I stand firmly behind my opinion that they ruin us! (but in the best way)

  6. Okay, decided to read it again until I saw the great reviews on the audible version and bought that instead. A word of advice for the next two audible readings: have the male voice reading the guys’ parts read their dialogue in Hope’s parts and vice versa because that would be freaking awesome.

    And why can’t Ruarc be real? I want a Ruarc, scars and Scottish brogue and all. Every woman deserves a Ruarc.

    1. I agree, every woman should have a Ruarc!

      As for the voices, I totally agree that would have been way better, but it doesn’t seem to be how the audio people do stuff and I can’t control that (I only got to pick the voices) since Tantor Media is producing my audio.

  7. Def theory 1 😂 especially since we are all desperate for the next and then the next book. The constant clamoring for more should be the highest complement to you ….. though now I find myself panicked that the end of the series will end tortured and sad like so many slow burn RH I have seen lately ….. lol I have enough of that in my life don’t need to read it —
    so I’m here hoping that all these plot twists still lead happy ending to all this slow burn and editing torture we are all enduring ???- or should we jump ship now 😱???

    1. It is a compliment and I LOVE how excited so many of my readers are, it really makes me so happy! And no, don’t worry, I firmly believe it’s not romance unless it has a happy ever after ending❤️

  8. (Meant to say In the last post – I think the Ash going rogue hint for book 3 has me all nervous since of course I’m an Ash Lucien fan 🥰) 😳

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