Hope POV – Morning Kiss

“You’re looking particularly pleased with yourself this morning, love,” Jason said. He stepped into view just as I hit the bottom of the stairs, his smooth, whiskey voice a caress up my spine. “Did my sweet, little human have some fun last night?”

“Jason!” My face heated. “What—uhm, good morning?”

A charming grin curved his lips and lit up his eyes. “Where’s my morning kiss?”

“M-morning k-kiss?”

He cocked his head. “We are dating now. Didn’t you catch that during our chat last night?”

“Oh! Uhm . . .”

“Is my blushing flower a little shy?” Both his brows rose, leaving him looking like a faintly startled caricature of himself.

The ridiculous image stole a giggle straight out of my mouth.

“Ah, that’s better.” He stepped closer, forcing me to tilt my head if I wanted to keep watching him.

Which I did.

His cheeky grin made me wary, but at the same time butterflies danced in my stomach, flapping their wings in joyous excitement.

One hand snaked behind my back, fast—too fast for a human—and buried in my hair. A gentle pull later and his mouth hovered above mine. Our breaths mingled, his smelling faintly of mint spice.

“Good morning, sweetheart,” Jason whispered, mouth brushing mine in a faint caress.

 by Erica Woods

Full book available via Amazon.

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