Are you getting my emails?

I”m lucky enough that some of you amazing readers have actually reached out to tell me how much you loved Hunted. First of all, that makes me happier than you can even imagine! The joy I feel when I open my email in the morning and see readers who’ve taken the time to craft a message just to tell me how they felt about my book… Trust me, that feeling is enough to light a fire under my (ample) butt and remind me that there are people out there who actually want to read what I write. And that’s just… amazing!

BUT when I reply to those email (and trust me, I reply to every single email I get, even though it sometimes takes me a day or two), I never hear from them again–which isn’t that strange on its own, seeing as my emails is mostly me replying to questions and gushing about how happy I am to hear from the person who’s messaged–but because I’ve been having issues getting ANY replies back from my email provider (mailerlite) who claim they’re not receiving my emails, I’m starting to wonder if maybe there’s something wrong with my send function. Now I know my emails often end up in the junk or promotional folder (what is it with gmail and outlook thinking I’m trash?), but I’m worried it’s more than that. Especially because it was a huge mission to set up this domain email ([email protected]) and I had tons of problems the first few days.

So… If you’ve gotten any replies from me in the last month, please send me an email just to let me know it’s working (just a once off, I promise you don’t have to do this every time you hear from me). And if you’ve emailed me and you haven’t heard back, leave me a comment here (or email me again) and I’ll reply from a different email and contact my email host and try to get to the bottom of this.

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