Want some cry-worthy menage?

Want some cry-worthy menage?

Many years ago, I stumbled upon a menage romance written by Maya Banks. It’s short, sweet, and leaves me crying every single time! No cheating (for those, like me, who can’t stand that), but a big betrayal that requires a lot of groveling. Personally, I think there could have been MORE grovelling, but it’s a really sweet read and it never fails to make my cry. Oh, and it’s a shifter romance, which ofc makes it even better!

The book is called “Love Me, Still“, and I tend to give it a re-read once a year. It’s also set during Christmas time so it’s kind of perfect for this time of year. Seriously, don’t be too put off by the betrayal I mentioned, it’s still worth the read (I think, at least). If you read it (or you have read it already), please leave a comment and let me know what you thought! 

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  1. Pheata says:

    Please keep editing etc. But there’s one request, HURRY UP. The curiosity is driving me butter.


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