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Many years ago, I stumbled upon a menage romance written by Maya Banks. It’s short, sweet, and leaves me crying every single time! No cheating (for those, like me, who can’t stand that), but a big betrayal that requires a lot of groveling. Personally, I think there could have been MORE grovelling, but it’s a really sweet read and it never fails to make my cry. Oh, and it’s a shifter romance, which ofc makes it even better!

The book is called “Love Me, Still“, and I tend to give it a re-read once a year. It’s also set during Christmas time so it’s kind of perfect for this time of year. Seriously, don’t be too put off by the betrayal I mentioned, it’s still worth the read (I think, at least). If you read it (or you have read it already), please leave a comment and let me know what you thought! 


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  1. Please keep editing etc. But there’s one request, HURRY UP. The curiosity is driving me butter.


  2. Okay let’s discuss. I just found your Hunted book this week and I absolutely love it. As I was reading, I kept thinking how it’d been a long while since I read a book this well written and all I do is read. It had a lot of themes that I don’t usually find delightful (bullying by a potential mate, and sexual abuse) but I realized your brilliance when those didn’t stop me from reading and loving the book. I finished in a day (boo sleeping) and immediately looked for more of your books to read, joined the facebook group, signed up for the newsletter, started stalking the website, followed you on kindle and added you to my list. Needless to say I loved your book and can not wait for the next one.

    Before I get to my point, know that I read all the things you have posted here and was delighted to see a book recommendation. I of course clicked on the link and was prepared to buy or download the book.

    I had to pause when I saw 3 1/2 stars. And of course I couldn’t just buy it, not with you already warning of a big issue and then glancing at the reviews.

    I’m confused. I admit I didn’t read it but I made sure I read as many reviews as possible to make sure the issues were consistent. What did you love about this book? It made me concerned enough that I felt immediately compelled to find out just how MUCH you loved this book to read it once a year. I have few books like that and those books are fondly thought about and usually induces shivers.

    This book is my antithesis. It’s a novella for one thing, I have yet to read a novella of the stand alone category that was well written enough and give enough character depth to be worth my time. And it didn’t seem like this one had enough of anything good. I almost would have preferred if one of the guys had cheated over what actually happened to the heroine and to hear they didn’t have to grovel at her feet for years!! That hurt my feelings. You on the other hand did all the things in the best ways. I loved that your story was lengthy but also felt way too short. It had depth and all your characters have the mate attitude that makes watching the heroine grow worth it.

    I guess I just wanted to say all that? And I love your books although I’m a little concerned for my girl Hope now and pray to their gods that she doesn’t have that hard a road in front of her.

    So I guess “I’m a no dogg” – randy

    1. Before I start replying to everything in your delightful comment, I just want to write a disclaimer for any who might read this who haven’t read Hunted: The sexual abuse is NOT rape or any kind of penetration, and it’s not perpetrated by the heroes. (just had to get that out of the way, because I cannot stand books where the heroes do anything like that to the heroine—I just don’t think there’s any redemption for it).

      Back to you: I’m honoured by all the stalking! I LOVE being stalked (probably because I’m a stalker myself lol) Thank you for reading my book and for telling me how much you enjoyed it, it means a lot!

      Okay, on to the rec (I have more recs, did you check them out?)… What I loved the most about this book was the emotions they pulled out in me. Every time I read it, I cry. Every time. And I LOVE a wounded or wronged heroine. I also LOVE when the hero/heroes realizes what they’ve done and are pierced with grief and regret. I just eat up all that emotional drama, which is often hard to find when you don’t want to read about cheating.

      Yes, the book is not perfect, and there are things I would change about it, but I still enjoy it! Part of it may be that when it came out, there weren’t a lot of menage out there, especially not well written ones, and it could also be that there are too few good grovels out there, but at least here the heroine healed on her own, she rejected the mates back, she considering moving on with another male, and the two mates SUFFERED for what they’d done. And it could be part nostalgia, who knows. But I basically never read books with less than 300 pages, and I loved this!

      As for Hope… None of the guys would hurt her in this way, and if they tried, Ruarc would beat the shit out of them (including himself, lol).

      If you do end up trying this book, let me know your thoughts! I’m curious to see what you’d think if you read it and felt the emotions along with the heroine!

  3. Yes I have read maya banks’ love me still a long, long time ago and yes it made me cry the first time and everytime I re-read it. And agree with you that there should be MORE grovelling!

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