Update – February 26: I am not sure when book 3 will be out yet, but I will do continuous updates in my Facebook group and in my newsletter! You can also check my blog for updates (though they’re not posted as often).

In Progress

I am currently ONLY working on completing the Feral Souls Trilogy. I have other works in progress that I started in between drafting and editing Hunted, as well as some I worked on before I started writing Hunted. But all of those projects are on hold until until the full trilogy is released. Not just because I get so involved with the characters that it’s hard to step away and into different mindsets, but also because I don’t want to delay the release of the books you’re waiting for.

Book 1 – Hunted. Book 1 in the Feral Souls Trilogy – LIVE.
Book 2 – Assembly.  Book 2 in the Feral Souls Trilogy. LIVE.
Book 3 – Untitled.  Book 3 in the Feral Souls Trilogy. First draft nearly complete at ~ 160k words. – Release date to be announced.
Book 4 – Sci Fi Romance. Menage. Currently 110 000 words – about 90% completed. (on hold)
Book 5 – Sci Fi Reverse Harem from 2017. Outline done, 20k words completed. (on hold)
Book 6 – Fantasy Reverse Harem. Prologue written. World-building started. 4 books planned. Maybe 5 if there’s too much story to tell in the first 4. (on hold)

The Feral Souls Trilogy
100% Complete
460,000 of 460,000 words

A sci-fi menage standalone.
92% Complete
110,000 of 120,000 words

A Sci-Fi RH - Book 1
20% Complete
20,000 of 100,000 words

A Fantasy RH series
1% Complete
3,000 of 500,000 words

This is only to show the word count of the first draft. Once they reach 100% the editing phase begins, and once the edits are completed they will published. To be notified of new releases sign up to my Newsletter!

Back Burner

I have a few projects that I’ve put aside for various reasons. A sci fi romance featuring one very alien hero with about twenty thousand or so words done. It was one of the first projects I outlined, but I got distracted by another story and put it aside. I’ll definitely come back to it, I really enjoyed writing the hero (all the 20k words is from his perspective, a very different thing for me as I usually write from the heroine’s perspective or I go back and forth between the hero/heroes and heroine. But for some reason this very alien male captured my attention and demanded the story be told from his perspective. I’ll probably sprinkle in the heroine’s perspective as well, but for the most part I want it to be from the hero’s perspective.

I’ve also got a contemporary romance outlined. One with an extremely jealous and possessive hero who’s doing some questionable things to make sure the heroine ends up with him. I’ve seen many of the scenes play out in my mind, but since I’m on an RH kick at the time I’m writing this (Feb 2019), it’s also on the back burner.

I’ve got a post-apocalyptic story running through my head, only the first scene written out as it came to me so clearly. And I’ve got an urban fantasy series in mind as well-this one is one of the first ideas I’ve ever had, and I think it’s truly unique. I’ve written out the first two chapters, but I won’t be coming back to it until I’m done with my current projects as it will be very time-consuming. If you want a hint, vengeance will play a huge part in this story.

There’s about 30-40 “ideas” and half-assed outlined saved to my harddrive. I’ll never have time to write all the stories I have in my head, but the ones mentioned are the ones I’ll most likely be focused on after my current works in progress are completed.

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