The books listed on this page are only the ones I’m either currently working on or ones that I have worked on at some point and think I will get back to when my current WIP is completed. Almost all my work days (five days a week) are dedicated to my “main WIP” while I spend one day a week working on one other project.

In Progress

Five days a week, I am ONLY working on completing the Feral Souls Trilogy. I have other works in progress that I started in between drafting and editing Hunted, as well as some I worked on before I started writing Hunted. But all of those projects are on hold (except for one day a week where I mostly give my attention to my main sidepiece) until the full trilogy is released. 

Main WIP  Book 3 in the Feral Souls Trilogy
Main Sidepiece  Feral Souls Spin-off.
Needy Flirt Fantasy Reverse Harem series. Prologue written. World-building started. Heroes snapping and snarling and generally being assholes trying to get some ‘screen time.’
Friendzoned Sci Fi Reverse Harem from 2017. Semi outline done, 20k words completed.
Other – Several Feral Soul Spin-Offs

This is only to show the word count of the first draft. Once first drafts are done, the editing phase begins, and once the edits are completed they will published. To be notified of new releases sign up to my Newsletter!


Below is the progress of the third book in the Feral Souls Trilogy. Normally I don’t do a progress bar when I’m in the editing/revision stages, but I decided to add it since  I’m currently adding scenes. The first draft of book 3 was written before I edited book 1 and 2, and since additions to those books were enough to fill a whole book on their own, there were a lot of gaps in book 3, so filling them requires a lot of scenes. A lot a lot. Plus the characters seem to be unable to shut up, and I might have underestimated how much story was left to tell xD

For reference, Hunted ended up with 160 000 words. Assembly grew to 190 000. 

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