1, 2, 3… 4?

No, I’m not randomly counting, okay. This is book related, and I’ll get to it. But first… Hi! Do you remember me? I’m the author who said she’d update her

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What have you missed?

If you’re a true stalker and religiously read my newsletter and never miss my posts in the FB group, then you can stop reading here (and please turn off the

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Assembly Excerpt

WARNING After writing this whole post, I realized I’m rambling like a lunatic (I think maybe the isolation is getting to me). So I wanted to apoligize in advance and I

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Secret Project – Sex Scene

Below is sex scene teaser for a secret project. I have no idea when I’ll write the fully story-I’m super busy editing Hunted, and then it’s on to edit the

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Hunted Teaser nr. 1

“You win again, love,” I said affectionately as I placed my cards face down on the table. I had to work hard to hide my grin when her eyes narrowed

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