Category: Rants

Do you have exploding head syndrome?😨

Weird heading, huh? Well, it was the title of my last newsletter. My email provider had some issues with the one I sent out the 15th of September, and a lot of people were sad that they didn’t receive it. So I thought I’d publish it on my website for those of you who might…
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So close!

I finally had some time to write and decided to work on my still untitled novel – you know, the Sci fi romance that is almost completed. 100 000 words in and I will probably have to go through it and cut some scenes. Personally I love, love, LOVE long books, but apparently more than…
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Authors and Trust

There is a certain trust that is built between an author and her audience. This trust starts with the first word an author writes, and develops throughout her subsequent books. Most often this trust means that a reader will know what kind of work the author will publish, everything from the quality of the editing,…
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