World’s Best Readers

I know I have the best readers in the whole world, and I’ll tell you why. It’s because I have readers that leaves reviews, that subscribes to my newsletter, that contact me via email, Facebook, my website, and readers who spreads the love by telling their friends and groups about Hunted.

Seriously, you guys are the best! Thanks to you, I reached the number 1 bestseller in several categories on both and .au, and I’ve been number 1 in a new release category for over a week! For me, having released a book is a dream I never expected to attain, and thanks to you all, I not only have a live book-baby, but it’s actually getting some traction!

My long term goal is to be able to write full time (no more pesky day-job to steal my time and suck my soul dry) and write all the trillions of stories stuck in my head (you should see my harddrive, it’s filled with outlines and notes about future stories), and while a year ago that seemed utterly impossible, now it feels like it could actually happen one day, and it’s all because of you.

One of my favorite things is waking up to a discussion in a group on Facebook where someone has recommended my book, or waking up to a new message in my inbox telling me about their experience reading Hunted. It’s a feeling unlike anything else.

So this post is just to say thank you to all my readers, thank you for the love and support, for the reviews, for reaching out, for sharing your love of Hunted with your friends, and for just being amazing people.

Thank you.

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