I’ve never really listened to audibooks, but I got an email from Amazon saying they’re running two different audible deals. The first one is trying it out for one month free – as seen below.

The second deal was 50 something % off for the first 3 months, but it didn’t work when I tried it. Here’s the link if you want to try.

Do you use audible? I’d love to hear what you all think, and which audio book is your favorite! I’ve never been able to listen to one (something about audio books just doesn’t click with me) but maybe I’ve just tried the wrong ones?


What would you like to see on my blog? Honestly, I’m not sure what to write here. I have my Facebook group where I do daily posts and questions and my famously evil Saturday Surveys. I have my newsletter where I send out book deals I find, friends’ releases, and everything that’s new about me or my books (cover reveals, teasers, announcements etc). That kind of leaves my blog as a… I don’t even know. I need help! What kind of posts would you like to see? I’d love it if you left a comment or used the contact page to email me your suggestion.


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  1. I am not a big fan of audible. I have my own images in my head about how the character sounds. Hell even smells for that matter.

  2. Are used Audible once and the person talking had a horrible voice and it ruined the book for me. So I’m not a fan of it I like to create it in my head it’s just better that way. For what to write I like to look for things like

    •when you ask for opinions or thoughts on a topic

    • seeing ideas that you have like cover of your next book or things you’re working on.

    • I love book recommendations as I’m always looking for another great fantasy to get lost in.

    • Polls are fun but normally everything I vote on has the lowest because people just aren’t into the same things I am LOL but it’s still fun to voice it out there you know and then you get to see what your readers are interested in like our majority of your readers into the darker romance are they pulled more towards the bad guy getting the girl on the end… That’s me I love the little romance twist there forbidden love. What kind of tropes are people attracted to. Things of that nature.

    1. Yes, the voice is important. And I don’t feel like any voice I’ve ever heard comes close to the ones I imagine for my characters 🙁
      Thank you for your suggestions for topics for my blog! I love doing polls, so I think I’ll see if there’s a way I can do that occasionally, and I’ll be back to writing book recommendations when I have some time–right now I barely have time to breathe (and obviously working on book 2 beats everything else, even breathing). And I’ll definitely do a cover reveal! So many great ideas, thank you <3

  3. I am brand new to audiobooks. The key for me is to only listen to my favorite books. I listen while cleaning and driving and my mind can wander – I don’t want to miss crucial plot points in a book I’ve never read/listened to before. Just like rereading (which I do a lot), I am able to glean something new out of an audiobook.

    1. I have this problem, too–my mind just wanders. Even if I’m just lying there trying to listen, I find myself thinking about other stuff. My brain is quite the dick sometimes…

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