Assembly is LIVE!

My second book baby (and the second book in the Feral Souls Trilogy) is LIVE on Amazon! This has been a true labor of love, and I couldn’t have done it without all the support of my readers! I just hope this book lives up to expectations, and that you all love reading it as much as I loved writing it!

I’ll be spending the next couple of days stalking Amazon for reviews while my head tries not to explode while I wait to see what you all think! (I really really really hope you love it, writing it was amazing, and all the excitement in my reader group, via email, and even comments on the website just blew me away and made the experience 10000 times better)!


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  1. I devoured these two books and then nearly lost my ever loving mind bc I didn’t realize that book 2 was literally just released. Meaning that book 3 definitely is not here. I just died a little inside. No worries. Fantastic series. Is there a tentative date for bk 3? Excuse me while I cry in the corner.

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed both books so much! Sorry about the dying inside though, been there, done that (and it’s so often waiting for books that’s the cause, isn’t it?) And no, I don’t have a tentative release date yet, but I do regular updates in both my reader group and my newsletter<3

  2. Love love love both books!! I am on my second read of both right now & Hunted was even better this time so I’m sure Assembly will be too. Thank you for such a great story that make me feel all the feels & your newsletters that crack me up!! Can’t wait to see what you give us next (and if your taking requests on that, Lucien’s back story would be amazing!!)

    1. So happy you love them!! And I’m so glad you’re re-reading! And that you enjoy my newsletter! I always feel like I ramble on way too much in those xD
      Abd yes, some of Lucien’s backstory will probably make it into an extra scene <3

  3. Amazing books! I reread the first one sooo many times while waiting for part two, and the waiting was definitely worth it. Even though it was hard I waited with reading of Assembly for a free day because I knew I would not be able to put it down. As expected I read it in one run. I’m probably going to reread both books soon <3
    Also, thanks so much for keeping us updated during the writing process. It helps so much in making the waiting time feel shorter.

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed Assembly so much (and I will never get tired of hearing about people re-reading my books!!)
      And you’re welcome, I rambled a lot so I wasn’t sure if people would enjoy it or not, but I’m glad you did <3

  4. I absolutely loved these two books. I read both within 4 days. I love all the characters and what they bring to the story. I’m patiently waiting for the third book. I’m hoping it’ll have more on just what Ash, Lucien, and Jason had gone through in their past. And more on what Hope calls the “monster” inside herself. I truly enjoyed watching Hope flourish and open up.Thank you for sharing your imagination with us and I can’t wait to see what is in store.

    1. I’m so very happy to hear that, thank you for sharing❤️ And yes, book 3 will shed more light about the guys’ past for sure (and Hope’s monster). I can’t wait for you to read it when it’s done!

  5. Just finished Assembly, thanks you sooo much! Love your world. I can´t wait for the third one, but I know it is a lot of work. Take care, and i´ll be waiting….:-)

  6. Thank you so much for two completely enthralling books. I came across them purely by accident and what luck that was. Yours are the first books that I have read in this genre and I will guiltily admit that I binge read them as I literally couldn’t put them down. I am so excited for book 3 as I too felt the pain when I realised book 2 has only recently published. I will eagerly await its release and plan to re-read the first two books at a more leisurely pace to ease the pain of waiting.

    1. I’m so happy you loved my books so much Sarah!❤️ And I love being your first in this genre (you’re bound to remember me forever now haha!) And I hope the re-reads are good! Book 3 has no date yet but I do regular updates in my group and in my newsletter (and not so regular updates on my website!)

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