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Short about me

 I’m Erica Woods and I’m an animal obsessed, coffee addicted lunatic who’s crazy about everything romance!

I currently live in Norway with two furbabies of the meowing variety and a hubs of the slightly growly variety. I’m scared of spiders, inhale chocolate like it’s air, and I firmly believe books equals life.

This page was created to help you stalk me (I’m a huge fan of being stalked by readers—and stalking them in return) and hopefully get to know me a little. Below you’ll find my book (soon to be BOOKS, plural) and my social media links.

Want to know more about me? Are your inner stalking tendencies acting up? Then click here for a more in depth “About Me” post.

My Book

Hunted is the first book in the Feral Souls Trilogy and features overbearing, possessive shifters, a heroine who’s damaged but refusing to break, and almost 700 pages of delicious tension and raw emotion. This is slow burn, heart-wrenching romance that will give you all the feels!

Social Media Stalking Options

I’d love it if you would stalk—err, follow me on my various social media platforms! I love it when readers interact with me, and I really need help with Instagram and Twitter—I’m SO BAD at it!

Facebook Group – I’m basically here every day, posting updates, teasers, books, and just random things.

Newsletter – This comes about twice a month and features ALL important updates, information about my process, pictures of my cats (you can’t escape them!) and lots of books to add to your TBR list.

Amazon – In case you miss any of my emails or they get lost in junk (email providers hate me, if you don’t add me to contacts, my emails go straight to spam), amazon will send you updates on all my releases.

Bookbub – Another way to be notified about releases, AND it’s just so helpful for me to have followers there. The more I have, the higher my chances of getting a BookBub feature deal, which is something I REALLY REALLY want!

Instagram – Here I mostly post teasers and book recs. And to be honest… I’m not very good at instagram yet! I’d love some pointers.

Twitter – Here I post all the bookfairs I take part in and I’m planning on posting other stuff too. As soon as I figure out what I’m meant to say. I mean… For someone like me, who can’t write a novella to save her life (I don’t think I can write anything shorter than 120k), having like 100 words to use is torture. TORTURE! If you have any ideas for what I can post on twitter, please do click the Contact tab at the top and send me HALP!

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