About - A little more

The Beginning
I have been devouring books since I first entered the magical world of the written word and started writing when I was twelve. It actually started out as a way to change the ending to a novel that tore me apart. It was about a beautiful, wild horse and the woman who tamed him–of course it ended with the horse dying and me bawling my eyes out. I was so hopping mad that I scribbled a different, happy ending in the last few blank pages of the book.

Although I have stopped desecrating other’s books and learned that crying over a book just means the book is very, very good, I’ve had the urge to put pen to paper my whole life, even when I thought it would be pointless. On my harddrive there are thousands of documents that are beginnings of stories, or just a scene here and there that wouldn’t leave me alone. I never took it seriously, never thought I could actually write a book, and it remained something I did for fun on the few occasions where I had the time.

One day I decided to finally sit down and give voice to all the characters that had been scrambling around my brain, yelling at me to get my ass in gear and tell their stories –their whole stories, not just parts of them. That day changed everything. I discovered that writing a story from beginning to the end was not just something I could do, it was something I’d come to crave, something I needed to do. And though at the moment where I’m writing this I have only finished the first draft of two novels, I know this is what I want to do for the rest of my life, even if it turns out I’m terrible and can’t make it a career, I will never stop writing.

Anything and everything romance. It’s what I read and it’s what I love to write. To that end, all my novels will revolve around a romantic connection. Seeing a relationship develop slowly throughout a good story is one of my all time favorite things. I am of the opinion that it’s the characters that drive a story forward, their interactions with each other, their feelings, wants and their deep, dark secrets, The action just kind of falls in around them, caused by what the characters are doing and thinking at the time–although the puppet master who sits back and laughs diabolically while she tries to twist the story in the direction she saw in her head (not always successfully mind you, sometimes my characters has a life of their own) also has a general idea of where everything is heading.

But romance is a large category with several subgenres that we all know and love. There’s a special place in my heart for paranormal romance (Bitten by Kelly Armstrong was the first I read and it left a lasting impression), fantasy romance (Court of Thorns and Roses, Tairon Soul – two series I adore), and Science Fiction (Eden by Luoise Wise, Last hour of Gann by R L Smith were the first to inspired my love of this genre). I also enjoy a good contemporary and I adore historicals (though I will probably never write one).

Random facts
Besides writing, I love animals. All of them. I can’t get enough of animals (just a note, I don’t include insects in the term ‘animals’). The hubby and I are currently the slaves of two gorgeous kitties who rule the house with an iron paw and bite our ankles if food is not delivered in a timely manner. Our life goals include moving out to the country, adopting a few dogs, a tired old cow, a donkey, a hollow-backed horse that no one else wants, a few goats (so we have something cute to cuddle that ALSO doubles as a lawnmower) and an alpaca because, well, have you seen those eyes? First, we obviously have to win the lottery, as owning animals where I live is so expensive we can barely keep our kitties in the luxury they have become accustomed to. Second, because writing does not pay the bills just yet (or maybe ever, lol).

That’s all I can think of right now. Below you will find a section about cats and IBD that you can skip if you don’t own one. I am including it because for some people, their pets are like family and when something is wrong with one of them you would do anything to fix it.

Cat IBD story
One of our cats developed IBD when he was four years old. Before we figured out what was wrong with him, he went from 5kg to 2 (in less than a month), threw up several times a day, and looked and felt so sickly I thought he would die.  It was completely terrible. The veterinarians did what they could, giving us a so-so prognosis, tons of meds and some hills food that did nothing for him.

Luckily, after about a year of research and slowly working on doing what we knew worked for others in the same situation, we managed to get him completely healthy and off the worst of the medication (with the help from his vet). We did this by changing his diet and introducing some amazing supplements slowly and over time. Before he became healthy, I felt so powerless. I spent all my free time on the computer researching his disease, and taking advice from some incredible people who had gone through the same thing.  If they hadn’t been there offering advice, I don’t know if we would have eventually found what worked, so I would like to offer the same help.

If anyone has a cat in the same boat, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will give you all the information we used to help our cat. He is now eight years old and have spent the last 3 years completely symptom free.

If you own a cat (or rather, it owns you) who throws up  (hairballs, bile, food, or other) more than twice a month (three times for long haired breeds), chances are something isn’t right.