2024 Update – Book 3 Still Coming!

Just a quick little update to say I’m still alive, book 3 is still coming, and somehow the page count is STILL growing!

If you’re in my group or subscribed to my newsletter, you’ve been getting much more regular updates and know just how crazy the characters have been acting (like Lucien hijacking my brain and insisting on getting a THIRTEEN THOUSAND word chapter all to himself), but for those who hate social media and just check my website every now and again, DON’T GIVE UP! Book 3 has just grown out of all control (it’s now the same size as Hunted + Assembly put together) and the plan is still to split it into two. I’ll only be releasing book 3 when book 4 (or I guess, book 3, part 2?) is basically ready so that I can release them within a month or two of each other.

I know many of you have waited for book 3 for like a hundred years now, and I’m really, really sorry about the delay! Those who’ve followed me know I’ve had a lot of health struggles (for almost two years, I couldn’t write anything, I was too sick to even get to my computer) and while I’ve gotten A LOT better, I still have days I’m struggling which makes my schedule very unpredictable. But I’m making steady progress, the word count is increasing in scary increments, and the book(s) WILL be released!

So please bear with me a little a little longer, and you’ll get the end of the trilogy with two massive books released basically back to back!

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